A partner academy in the John Taylor MAT
A partner academy in the John Taylor MAT

Ethos & Values

School Ethos & Values


  • That are highly confident, effective communicators who hold well balanced views and opinions
  • Develop leadership qualities and demonstrate effective school and community citizenship
  • That have advanced thinking skills and personal capabilities


  • That is broad, balanced, relevant, inclusive and differentiated: that is challenging, active and involving for all children and which awakens in them a love of learning and encourages them to be independent learners
  • That meets statutory requirements of The Education Acts
  • That is designed to encourage all children to achieve excellence within their ability: celebrates all children’s achievements; identifies and supports difficulties that children may be encountering
  • That develops English, Maths, Creativity and Technology and encourages pupils to take pride in individual and common achievements
  • That celebrates and respects everyone’s individual identity and promotes equality of opportunity for all
  • A variety of teaching styles are deployed by teachers to take into account the individual needs of pupils
  • That provides constant opportunities for children to develop their sense of self- worth and self – confidence and actively encourages their development socially, morally, culturally and spiritually so that they meet the challenges and opportunities of adolescence and adult life in today’s ever changing society
  • That provides changes & puberty education for the older pupils allowing each child’s parent the right to withdraw the child from this part of the curriculum


  • Within which each child is valued, respected and cared for by all members of the school community; within which the happiness of each child is strived for
  • That is attractive and conducive to children’s development and learning
  • That is safe and within which all children feel happy and secure
  • ‘Where every child matters


  • That are of the fullest complement that budgetary requirements will allow
  • That are well trained and well motivated
  • That are committed to team work
  • That are involved in decision making in the development process of the school
  • That are dedicated to the well-being, welfare and discipline of all children in their care
  • That are approachable by all children: that are seen by the children as their helpers and advisors 


  • To have community cohesion across different cultures, ethnic, religious, non religious and socio-economic groups
  • To have the fullest and open liaison and communication with parents
  • To offer the school premises to community groups
  • To have full liaison and communication with other schools
  • To build and strengthen positive relationships with individuals, churches, groups, industry and commerce for the benefit of the children and the community itself
  • To forge links with children, schools and other groups from the locality, nationally and globally


Happy children, inspired learners