A partner academy in the John Taylor MAT
A partner academy in the John Taylor MAT

International Links

Footprints Orphanage and Footprints Academy

On Friday 16th May, Kerry Watson , founder of Footprints Orphanage and Footprints Academy, visited school and told Mrs Roobottom and all the children about Footprints. Kerry purchased a piece of land in The Shimba Hills, Kenya in January 2008 with a vision to build a home for orphaned and abandoned children who lack even the most basic needs of shelter, food and belonging to a family.

• To create a home that can give parental care, love, understanding, security and happiness but above all the sense of belonging to family life that every child deserves.

• To give the children an education that will encourage, motivate and lead them to become confideIn 2007 Kerry Watson from the UK spent time as a volunteer in the rural village of Majimboni in the Shimba Hills of Kenya. She was immediately humbled by the community’s daily struggle to survive and was especially affected by the plight of children who had been orphaned or neglected.   In April 2010, Footprints Orphanage opened its doors top welcome their first 5 children, giving them a childhood they could only have dreamed of.

Since then our family has grown to 20 children, as on 26th June, we welcomed 2 more children and our home has many more buildings.

In 2012, thanks to donations from the UK, we were able to build some classrooms and employ three teachers. ‘Footprints Academy’ was established, giving both the children at Footprints Orphanage and from the surrounding community a quality education they wouldn’t otherwise get.

Footprints Academy recognises that education is the key to escaping the poverty circle, and provides better resources and smaller class sizes than the local government-run school, where children are often taught in classes of 70+ children. Footprints Academy provides the children with the skills they need to build successful futures for themselves and their families.

Following Kerry’s visit, Shobnall Primary School has kindly agreed that Footprints will be a focus for some of their fundraising activities and that the children at Footprints Academy will establish links with the children at Shobnall Primary through letters and updates from both countries.