A partner academy in the John Taylor MAT
A partner academy in the John Taylor MAT

Year 5 Forest School 13 March 2020

Year 5 Forest School 13 March 2020
March 21, 2020 Rebecca Ellerton

13.3. 20 – Forest School Session Three

Another week and another skill for us to master, which was the tension knot. We are working really hard to master this skill so that we can all achieve our ‘Tension Knot Award’.

We learnt a rhyme in order to help us achieve this skill, Sammy Snake goes on an adventure.  Around the tree where he meets a giant who sits on him (tighten the rope)!  But Sammy Snake is ok!  He goes over the hill and back on himself really tightly.  He decides to go back home – back around the tree, over the hill (make a triangle) and up through the rabbit hole.  He meets Humpty Dumpty who sticks out his tongue and blows a raspberry at him! (Pull through loop.)’

We also had lots of other activities going on during the session as some of the children had the opportunity to create their own dunce caps as well as creating their very own Victorian inspired houses. Some of the children also had the opportunity to plant some seeds in order to create a wild flower garden, which we hope will encourage more wildlife to create their home at Forest School.

All of the children were in for a treat this week as we toasted marshmallows on the fire. It was delicious and we all enjoyed eating them around the fire circle. As it was Mr Vogt’s last week he was given a very special treat of a s’more. 

What an enjoyable third session at Forest School today, we definitely developed our resilience skills when it came to using the tension knot! We ended with a fun song, a biscuit and some hot chocolate.

Curriculum focus: Design and Technology

To master practical skills.

Develop a range of practical skills to create products and repair items. (Construction)

Show an understanding of the qualities of materials to choose appropriate tools to cut and shape (Materials)

To design, make, evaluate and improve.

Design with use in mind, motivated by the service a product will offer.

Make products by working efficiently.