Nursery Forest School, 30 November 2017

Nursery Forest School, 30 November 2017
December 11, 2017 Rebecca Ellerton

The Nursery children had such a treat at Forest School today, seeing their site transformed into a white wonderland.  Every blade of grass was wearing its white winter fleece and everywhere was crunchy under our boots!  The biggest surprise was when the children saw that the pond was covered in a sheet of hard glass!  Mrs. Wheeler explained that it wasn’t actually glass but ICE and that ice is made when the water gets so cold that it freezes.  The children learned about the dangers of ice, especially on open water and how to keep themselves safe.

Inside the shelter of our welcoming outdoor classroom, Mrs.Lakin and Mrs.Curran showed the children how to make ‘Stick Santas’.  The children loved their creations and took them home to hang up ready for the start of December tomorrow! Don’t they look fabulous?  And when it was snack time, the lucky children enjoyed a chocolate each, brought in by the birthday girl, who was 4 years old today!


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